EcoWild Working Group

  • Kelly Burke (Grand Canyon Wildlands Council)

  • Steve Capra* (New Mexico Wilderness Alliance)

  • Jim Catlin (Wild Utah Project)

  • Matt Clark* (The Rewilding Institute)

  • Kim Crumbo* (Arizona Wilderness Coalition and Grand Canyon Wildlands Council)

  • John Davis (The Wildlands Network)

  • Dave Foreman* (The Rewilding Institute)

  • Jim Eaton (Founder, California Wilderness Coalition)

  • Bob Howard* (The Rewilding Institute and the Wildlands Project)

  • Jack Humphrey (The Rewilding Institute)

  • Dave Maehr (University of Kentucky)

  • Kurt Menke* (Bird’s Eye View and Earth Data Analysis Center Univ. of New Mexico)

  • Brian Miller* (Wind River Ranch Foundation)

  • Susan Morgan* (Forest Guardians)

  • Brian O’Donnell* (Wilderness Support Center)

  • Max Oelschlaeger (Northern Arizona University)

  • David Parsons* (The Rewilding Institute)

  • Mark Pearson (San Juan Citizens’ Alliance)

  • Tim Peterson (Utah Forest Network)

  • Rebecca Salem* (New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science)

  • Michael “Scial” Scialdone* (New Mexico Wilderness Alliance)

  • Michael Soulè* (The Rewilding Institute)

  • Kim Vacariu (The Wildlands Project)

  • Don Waller (University of Wisconsin Madison)

*Participants in July 21, 2004 Workshop

Rewilding Volunteers

Essential parts of the pride of cool cats that make up The Rewilding Institute are our volunteers and in-kind donors.  Science and Conservation Fellows are volunteers, but our other volunteers lick stamps and stuff envelopes, design our materials, and much else.

  • Christianne Hinks

  • Chuck Houston

  • Carolyn Stone

  • Joe Adair

  • Bob Morton

  • Dave Parsons

  • Jack Humphrey

  • Bennie Pacheco

  • Roxanne Pacheco

  • Nancy Morton

  • Monica Pacheco

One Response to “EcoWild Working Group”

  1. gautam prasad sapkotaJuly 1, 2014 at 12:11 am #

    My name is Gautam Prasad Sapkota . I am a citizen of Nepal. I
    have been carrying out awareness campaign in conservation of nature in
    schools across the country since 2005. I also have a unique skill to
    mimic the sound of around151different birds.

    So far, I have visited more than 400 schools in Nepal to
    conduct awareness campaigns. I have also been to Darjeeling,
    Kalimpong, Sikim, Rajesthan, Uttar Pradesh and other cities in India
    to carry out awareness campaigns as well.
    I would be grateful if you would allow me to conduct an
    awareness program and research in your country. I will be talking
    about bird species of Nepal and worldwide and how we all can work
    together to save our environment. Moreover, I will also be talking
    about climate change and how it is affecting the bird species in
    Nepal. Since climate change, a burning issue these days, has affected
    the whole ecosystem and has adverse impact on natural environment, I
    want to spread my campaign on conservation of natural environment in
    an international level too.

    .I hope you will like my program. This program and research is also a
    social work to aware the people about birds’ conservation. The program
    will be held in your premises for global warming and change in
    eco-system that has affected the birds and animals.

    My/Our aim is to aware the people about birds and to conserve
    its species, so we are appealing for your help and support. I have
    also set records on ‘Unique World Record’, Everest World Record’,
    Wonder World Record’ by mimicking the sound of 151 different birds. I
    would like to request
    here to sponsor my program through your organization; the objective of
    our program is based on preservation of birds and wildlife. I will
    also be talking about climate change and how it is affecting the bird
    species in Nepal in particular and the worldwide in general.
    birdman nepal

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