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Wanted Poster for Captain Paul Watson on Costa Rican Beer

From Captain Paul Watson. “It seems I am quite the bandito.” “As Costa Rica prepares to illegally export 690 kilos of shark fins, they have placed a wanted poster for me on beer bottles in Costa Rica. (I am) wanted for disrupting a shark fin poaching operation in 2002 in the waters of Guatemala, something […]

Court Victory for the Bluefin Tuna and Sea Shepherd

Commentary by Sea Shepherd Founder, Captain Paul Watson Back on June 17, 2010, Sea Shepherd’s Operation Blue Rage intercepted an illegal bluefin tuna operation off the coast of Libya, two days after the closing of the bluefin fishing season. We investigated the catch and found hundreds of undersized bluefin tuna. When we asked to see […]

The Whales Have Won! — ICJ Rules Japan’s Southern Ocean Whaling ‘Not For Scientific Research’

Sea Shepherd Applauds the World Court for Protecting the Whales of the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary In a stunning victory for the whales, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague announced their binding decision on March 31 in the landmark case of Australia v. Japan, ruling that Japan’s JARPA II whaling program in […]

Sea Shepherd Launches Operation Reef Defense Campaign in Hawaii

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is proud to announce the launch of Operation Reef Defense, a global campaign to end the destruction of coral reefs and the many threats they face worldwide. Coral reefs represent some of the planet’s most biologically diverse ecosystems providing critical habitat to approximately 25 percent of all marine species, but they are disappearing at […]

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Launches Two White House Petitions; Has 30 Days to Collect 100,000 Signatures

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, the world’s leading direct-action conservation non-profit, today has filed two petitions on the White House  “We The People” page of the website which seek the U.S. Government’s support in upholding conservation law regarding protecting at-risk whales in the Antarctic’s Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary and with ensuring safe haven for the organization’s […]