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Polly Dyer, 96, driving force for Northwest conservation dies

By CLAUDIA ROWE Seattle Times staff reporter The majestic wilderness of Shi Shi Beach, an indelible sight for many visitors to the Olympic wilderness near Neah Bay, might look entirely different today if not for the cheerful tenacity of Polly Dyer, a conservationist icon who died Sunday in Shoreline. She was 96. Equally at home […]

John Muir Lives

On Christmas eve, one hundred years ago, John Muir’s spirit left his body and set off into the pathless wild. For those of us who love the wild world and for whom Muir is an indispensable intellectual ancestor, the way Muir and his conservation legacy have been getting beaten up recently is hard to fathom. […]

Around the Campfire with Uncle Dave – The Forest Service Against the Wilderness After World War Two

Right before World War Two, conservation and resourcism were friendlier than they had been since the 1890s.  With Harold Ickes as Secretary of the Interior, Ferdinand Silcox as Chief of the Forest Service, Bob Marshall as Head of Recreation for the Forest Service, and Ding Darling as Director of the Bureau of Sport Fisheries and […]