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Boliva’s government pushes to expand agricultural lands at the expense of the nation’s environment

In April 2015, small-scale Bolivian farmers who painstakingly work the land as their ancestors did – clearing small plots, planting and waiting for rain – gathered for a summit with stakeholders from a very different part of the agricultural sector: commercial farmers who oversee vast farms and watch international exchange markets just as closely as […]

Join the Deep Ecology Movement at this Collaboratory Conference Oct 21-23

What is Deep Ecology? A philosophical and scientific political/social movement concerned with bringing about a major paradigm shift to redirect the ecologically destructive path of modern industrial growth in today’s societies. The long-range Deep Ecology movement has been characterized philosophically by a move from anthropomorphism to ecocentrism, and by environmental activism. Why should you join […]

The World’s Number Two Emergency


The Nobel-winning medication Ivermectin is causing an unexpected shitstorm. by Richard Conniff MOTHER JONES  July/August 2016 To the extent that we think about them at all, people tend to regard dung beetles as entertainment, rolling, tumbling, even somersaulting over massive balls of elephant poop. But the 5,000 or so species at work on every continent except […]

A Brief History of the National Wilderness Preservation System

There are any number of books, booklets, and articles about Wilderness Areas in the United States, but little has been written about the history of how designated Wilderness Areas have grown in number of areas and in total acreage from 1924 to today. To wit, many conservationists know that New Mexico’s Gila was the first […]

Conservation Loses a great activist, philanthropist, leader, and friend

Press release from Tompkins Conservation [Foundation for Deep Ecology, The Conservation Land Trust, Conservacion Patagonica] December 8, 2015 Douglas Rainsford Tompkins, 72, one of the Earth’s foremost conservationists, died today following a kayaking accident on Lago General Carrera in Chilean Patagonia. Through charitable organizations he and his wife, Kristine McDivitt Tompkins, founded, the Tompkinses have […]