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"The most needed and holy work of conservation is to keep whole the building blocks of evolution. Such is the true work of conservation, the goal of those who cannot live without wild things." ~Dave Foreman

Dave Foreman, Founder

rewilding distilled

The Rewilding Institute Vision

We live for the day when Gray Wolves and Grizzly Bears have connected habitat from Mexico to Alaska, when Pumas have reclaimed their homelands East and West, when salmon and other migratory fish swim freely up and down our continents’ rivers, when the oceans are teeming with whales and sharks, and when all native species regain natural patterns of abundance and distribution. Read more ->

Rewilding Programs and Initiatives


The Mogollon Wildway

A Big Step Toward Half Earth

The Mogollon Rim is a vast area of mountains, rivers, and forests sweeping west and north from the Gila Wilderness in southwest New Mexico to Grand Canyon National Park in northern Arizona. It is a bold but achievable vision for connecting and protecting wild places. More...


Heartland Rewilding

Restoring Big River Connectivity and Rewilding The Mississippi River Watershed

Partisans Eastern and Western have spoken for years of the “Midwest” as “flyover country”. North America’s largest, the Mississippi River Watershed is indeed “flyover” country for millions of migratory birds, and is also stopover country for these same avian miracles, and is seasonal or year-round habitat for much of our continent’s native biota. More...

Mexican gray wolf

Carnivore Advocacy

Why should we care about carnivores?

The removal of large carnivores can unleash a cascade of effects and changes throughout all ecosystem trophic levels reducing biological diversity, simplifying ecosystem structure and function, and interfering with ecological processes. Their return to impoverished ecosystems can reverse the “trophic cascade” and restore diversity and complexity to ecosystems. More...


Latest Posts

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Around the Campfire by Dave Foreman

"During the quarter century of Around the Campfire, I’ve tried to educate, provoke, and activate conservationists on a sweeping range of ideas, issues, and subjects." ~Uncle Dave 

Dave Foreman © Jack Humphrey
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