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Humans have an ethical obligation to protect and restore wild Nature. It is not enough to preserve remaining pieces of wild Earth, but is also necessary to restore big wild connected areas -- complete with top predators, like wolves and great cats and sharks, who keep ecosystems bountiful and beautiful.

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By Conservation Land Trust Argentina Wildlands explorer and philanthropist Doug Tompkins, who’d made his fortune by founding The North Face[...]

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FOSTERING WILDLIFE-FRIENDLY FARMING And Recognizing Biodiversity As Critical to a Fully Functioning Farm
By Jo Ann Baumgartner, Wild Farm Alliance We support what is beautiful and what we love—songbirds singing out their names,[...]
Mourning the loss of Dr. Alan Rabinowitz
We are saddened by the news that Dr. Alan Rabinowitz, an honorary board member of the Mountain Lion Foundation and[...]
Family Portraits
An introduction to photographs from an anonymous friend of wildlife... With patience and kindness, people can coexist with wildlife. With[...]
Working to Restore the American Chestnut
By Sara Fern Fitzsimmons, TACF Director of Restoration, 7/27/2018 The demise of the American chestnut (Castanea dentata) has been described[...]
Extinction; a deplorable failure
By Dr. Brian Horejsi Article first published in Counterpunch, May 2, 2018 In April 2018 Canada’s most southerly caribou population,[...]
Animal Welfare Institute July 12, 2018 Dear Humanitarian, On June 28, the US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) announced a[...]
Summer. A fine time for adventures and our favorite mountains, deserts, and seashores. And a good book to travel with[...]
Rewilding Distilled
By John Davis Rewilding, in essence, is giving the land back to wildlife and wildlife back to the land.  It[...]
The Good News
By Gary Lawless Roads disappear, and the caribou wander through. The beaver just gets tired of it, reaches up, through[...]
wilderness and wildlife recovery

​Advanc​ing continental-scale conservation and restoration in North America and beyond.

Lines in the Sand - Defending Our Public Lands

defending our public lands

Wild Wanderers - Carnivore Protection

carnivore protection

​Man Swarm - Human Population Growth


Coexistence - Carnivore Recovery

carnivore recovery

Green Fire Bulletins

green fire bulletins

Rewilding Success and Lessons

rewilding successes and lessons

Around The Campfire - Sharing the Flame

sharing the flame

Recommended Reading

recommended reading

Rewilding Players

Rewilding Players

Wildlands Philanthropy

Wildlands Philanthropy



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Dave Foreman's "Around the Campfire"

Around the Campfire #77, Deconstructing Today’s Great Land Grab
Issue No. 77                                   [...]
Around the Campfire #74
What Condition My Condition Is In Well, I guess it’s time to explain my withdrawal of late and why The[...]
Around the Campfire #73: Comparing Applies and…Parsnips?
Around the Campfire #73,  July 24, 2017 State Trust Lands are often misunderstood in terms of both their character and[...]

Books of the Big Outside

The Origin of "Rewilding"

The word rewilding was coined by conservationist and activist Dave Foreman, and conservation biologists Michael Soule and Reed Noss. Dave founded the group Earth First! and went on to help establish both the Wildlands Project (now the Wildlands Network) with Soule and Noss, as well as the Rewilding Institute.

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