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Tree Rights Revolution
By Joan Maloof As founder and director of the Old-Growth Forest Network, I was recently contacted by the XPRIZE Foundation.[...]

Rewilding Earth Podcast

Episode 4: Rewilding Argentina With Conservation Land Trust
Today, Rewilding Institute Director John Davis takes us to Ibera Argentina, where he interviewed Conservation Land Trust staffers Sofia Heinonen,[...]

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For a quick breakdown of Rewilding, check out Executive Director John Davis' latest article "Rewilding Distilled."

Rewilding Distilled
By John Davis Rewilding, in essence, is giving the land back to wildlife and wildlife back to the land. It[...]

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What Is Rewilding?

Tree Rights Revolution
By Joan Maloof As founder and director of the Old-Growth Forest Network, I was recently contacted by the XPRIZE Foundation.[...]
Introducing Puma Rewilding Profile: KLANDAGI
by Helen McGinnis Klandagi is the Cherokee word for the puma: literally “Lord of the Forest.”The Cherokee Indians’ homeland included[...]
Episode 3: Patagonia’s Rick Ridgeway Talks Rewilding, Climate Change, and Activist Companies
Rick Ridgeway is a mountaineer and adventurer, who during his career has also been an environmentalist, writer, filmmaker and businessman.[...]
To Solve the Climate Crisis, We Must Stand for Forests and Re-Wild America
By Danna Smith, Director, Dogwood Alliance   April 29, 2017 was a super-hot day in Washington, DC. It was the[...]
CAPS Talks About the New Edition of Man Swarm
Originally posted on The Rewilding Institute's blog on February 26, 2015. ~ editors Check out this rave review of the[...]
Episode 2: Reed Noss On History of Wilderness Recovery and Rewilding
What is "Rewilding?" Episode 2 - Part 2 of the "What is Rewilding" series on the Rewilding Earth podcast. Introduction[...]
By Michael Soule' I surrender to snakes because few of them abandon the ground of being. I surrender to toads because they[...]
The Ecological Imperative for a National Cougar Recovery Plan, Part 2
By Christopher Spatz and Dr. John Laundre' Editor’s note: A longer version of this article ran previously in the newsletter[...]
House Version of the Farm Bill Contains Anti-environmental Provisions — Call Your Senator Today!
By George Wuerthner In the coming week or so, Congress will be considering the Farm Bill which has numerous inappropriate[...]

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Grizzly c/o Susan Morgan

Grizzly c/o Susan Morgan

Dave Foreman's "Around the Campfire"

Around the Campfire #77, Deconstructing Today’s Great Land Grab
Issue No. 77                                   [...]
#75 Around the Campfire; What Condition My Condition Is In
What Condition My Condition Is In Well, I guess it’s time to explain my withdrawal of late and why The[...]
#73 Around the Campfire: Comparing Applies and…Parsnips?
Around the Campfire #73,  July 24, 2017 State Trust Lands are often misunderstood in terms of both their character and[...]

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man swarm dave foreman
man swarm killing of wildlife

The Origin of "Rewilding"

The word rewilding was coined by conservationist and activist Dave Foreman around 1992, just before he and conservation biologists Michael Soule and Reed Noss co-founded the Wildlands Project.

Further Reading: Rewilding Synopsis | Rewilding North America | Rewilding Distilled | What is Rewilding?

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