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A Sedimental Journey: Tracking Historic Dirt Downstream

A Sedimental Journey:  Tracking Historic Dirt Downstream,” by Chris Bolgiano. Hosted by the Forest History Society.

Through archival and contemporary quotes and photos, Chris Bolgiano explores how the misuse of forests across the eastern U.S. over more than four centuries still impacts watersheds today.  Legacy Sediments, as the results of historic erosion are officially called, have only recently been recognized as a major problem not only for the Chesapeake Bay, the largest estuary in the U.S., but also for other bays along the Atlantic coast as well as around the world.  To understand why requires a map of long-gone water mills, a lidar-equipped drone, and a revolutionary new understanding of streams that look “natural” but definitely are not.  You’ll never look at your local creek the same way again.

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Jeff Hoffman
1 year ago

As they said in a totally ironic margarine commercial, it’s not nice to mess with Mother Nature. Or as the lesson of Prometheus holds, if you interfere with natural processes, disaster will follow. Humans shouldn’t be killing trees, and this is one of many bad results of doing this.

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