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Male Moose

A2A Trail – A Pilgrimage for Nature

By David Miller

The Algonquin to Adirondacks (A2A) region is a unique diverse bioregion that connects Algonquin Park to Adirondack Park through the Frontenac Arch and surrounding lands.  Home to a vast array of plants and animals, it is one of the last large-scale, intact forest and wetland linkages left in Eastern North America

The A2A Collaborative is a U.S., Canadian, and First Nations partner organization that works with scientists, policy-makers, conservationists, communities, governments, and other local groups to protect and enhance the unique ecological features and functions of the corridor. Our dream is a resilient, ecologically connected A2A region that sustains a full range of native wildlife and enhances people’s quality of life for generations to come.

One of the core projects of the Collaborative is the A2A Trail – A Pilgrimage for Nature.  The Trail is a 600 km multi-modal active recreation travel route connecting the two great parks using existing trails, rail trails, and backroads. It creates a physical and symbolic connection among the lands and people of the A2A region – raising conservation awareness in the corridor, promoting active nature-based recreation, and helping local economic development.

Watch below to learn about the A2A Trail experience! 


Featured Image: Male Moose (c) A2A

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