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About Submissions

Featured image: Escalante River, Grand Staircase/Escalante National Monument © George Wuerthner

A year and a half into revitalizing The Rewilding Institute and our online magazine Rewilding Earth, we have been fortunate to receive articles, poetry, photographs, and art from a number of collaborators and members of our Rewilding Leadership Council. And we are grateful for it all! In order to keep the spirit alive, we thought we would harken back to our predecessor, Wild Earth, for writing guidelines.

From John Davis:

Contributors should send us:

  • The article in Word format
  • Images we can use in the article OR links to images we should grab for the article that we’re free to use (public domain or personal images)
  • Captions for the images – location info, etc.
  • Maps if it is a geographically specific article where a map would greatly help
  • Full name and any pertinent info such as publications,  title, organization, and website.

From the Office Cat:

Stylistic Guidelines for Rewilding Earth reprinted from Wild Earth, which mostly still apply

The Wild Earth masthead always included impressive editorial advisors and correspondents although those lists changed during the last years of publication.  The list of contributing artists grew.  Through all issues including Fall, 1995, Wild Earth included detailed instructions to correspondents “About Submissions.”  “Articles,” it cautioned, “may be edited.”

WE welcomed other publications to reprint articles provided they sought permission in writing and properly credited the articles.  Since WE always had far more material than could be printed, writers were expected to be “lucid, perspicacious, and ineffably winsome.”

In matters of style, WE  suggested that authors remember several basic rules when writing for Wild Earth.

  • Eschew surplusage (Twain 1895).
  • Do not affect a breezy manner (Strunk & White 1959).
  • Watch your antecedents (Davis 1988).
  • Thou shalt not verbalize nouns (Abbey 1988).
  • Include a goldarn floppy (Butler 1992).
  • Mix drinks, not metaphors (Davis 1993).[i]

Authors conceded, the number of submitted articles grew, and by the end of 1995 these instructions no longer appeared in the magazine.

Now, here they are again.

Times have changed, and Rewilding Earth no longer requires “goldarn floppy” discs, but we do welcome links to videos,  publications, and websites, and invite contributors to sign up with our webmaster, Jack Humphrey, for a podcast at ja**@re*******.org. To submit articles, please email Executive Director John Davis at jo**@re*******.org.


[i]Wild Earth, Fall, 1995, p 92.

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