Around the Campfire by Dave Foreman

"Nearly twenty-five years ago, I started writing a regular column called “Around the Campfire” for The Earth First! Journal, which I then edited. I first wrote it on a mechanical typewriter. With the breakup of Earth First! in 1990, John Davis and I launched Wild Earth, and I continued “Around the Campfire.” The Wildlands Project discontinued Wild Earth years ago for lack of funding, and Campfire lost a home." ~Dave Foreman is Campfire's new home... 

Uncle Dave on the Noatak River, Alaska (c) Nancy Morton

Dave Foreman on the origins of Campfire...

During the quarter century of Campfire, I’ve tried to educate, provoke, and activate conservationists on a sweeping range of ideas, issues, and subjects. Material from Campfire has gone into my books, Confessions of an Eco-Warrior, The Big Outside, Rewilding North America, and the forthcoming The Myth(s) of the Environmental Movement. I’ve meant Campfire as a broadside of yore, such as Tom Paine and other patriots wrote during the War for Independence. (Read more about Around the Campfire...)

​Dave's Latest Campfires...

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Issue No. 77                                   [...]
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What Condition My Condition Is In Well, I guess it’s time to explain my withdrawal of late and why The[...]
#73 Around the Campfire: Comparing Applies and…Parsnips?
Around the Campfire #73,  July 24, 2017 State Trust Lands are often misunderstood in terms of both their character and[...]
#72 Around the Campfire; Trumping the Wild?
One night last November, Nancy and I tuned into CNN to celebrate the election of the first woman as President[...]
#66 Around the Campfire; A Brief History of the National Wilderness Preservation System
There are any number of books, booklets, and articles about Wilderness Areas in the United States, but little has been[...]
#65 Around the Campfire; Faraway and Nearby
A tired old broadside against Wilderness Areas goes something like this: “By working to shield and set aside far-off lands[...]

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