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Call for Rewilding Projects

The Rewilding Institute (TRI) seeks summaries of rewilding projects around North America and the world, for coverage in our on-line publication Rewilding Earth ( and in our Rewilding podcast series.  Submissions may be as simple as a paragraph describing the goals and results of the conservation and restoration project, for inclusion in our upcoming Annotated Directory of Rewilding Projects and/or our future Rewilding Successes feature, or submission can be a basic group profile or a detailed article. In any form, it should emphasize action on the ground and how people can help (and it’s fine to solicit financial donations for your favorite non-profit rewilding group). Your stories will also help inform, and may be mentioned in, Dave Foreman’s second edition of his landmark book Rewilding North America.

Since Dave, our founder, coined and defined the term ‘rewilding’ a quarter-century ago, we have gained considerable experience in the practice and promotion of rewilding.  To The Rewilding Institute, rewilding means protecting and expanding wilderness; reconnecting wild habitats, and restoring missing species, especially apex carnivores and other keystone members of biotic communities.  It means helping Nature heal; giving wildlife back to the land and the land back to wildlife.  Rewilding includes removal of dead-beat dams and unneeded backcountry roads, along with installing safe wildlife crossings on busy roads.  Rewilding means more National Parks and Wilderness Areas and other fully protected lands and waters.  Rewilding means relearning­—often from native peoples—how to coexist with all our wild neighbors.  Rewilding aspires to give full and permanent protection to at least half of the lands and waters of our fair blue-green biosphere.  Rewilding can thereby stem the extinction and climate crises.

To advance these lofty goals, The Rewilding Institute also offers our 501(c)3 umbrella for activists and groups with rewilding projects who need a fiscal sponsor, to receive grants and donations; or would benefit from a publicity source, like Rewilding Earth; or seek guidance from conservation and restoration veterans, like our board and staff; or all of these amenities.  We charge a modest administrative fee for grant administration, but offer these other services at no cost, and welcome the opportunity to support and participate in rewilding work, from local to global in scale.  We ask that in turn, you help promote Rewilding Earth and our projects in your own publications and social media.

So, if you have a dam to remove, a road to obliterate, a missing carnivore to reintroduce, a wildlife corridor to establish, a park to create … but lack an organizational sponsor, please contact us.  If you have a rewilding project underway and could use more publicity, please write a description or an article and/or do a podcast with us.  We serve those who serve the natural world.

To submit your stories please email jo**@re*******.org and email ja**@re*******.org to schedule a podcast.

With you for our wild neighbors,
The Rewilding Institute board and staff 

Featured Image: Grizzly (c) Susan Morgan

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