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To the Rescue (A Make-Believe Adventure for Youth of All Ages, Human and Feline) By John Davis [NOTE: This is a rough draft of chapter one of a novel in the works to be published soon by Essex Editions, which recently published a more serious book by John Davis called Split Rock Wildway: Scouting the […]

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Tree Rights Revolution

By Joan Maloof As founder and director of the Old-Growth Forest Network, I was recently contacted by the XPRIZE Foundation. The XPRIZE organization designs competitions to address great challenges. Beginning in 2018, XPRIZE and Kimberly-Clark are teaming up to identify the biggest challenges and trends in forest development as well as breakthroughs that could promote […]

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Summer. A fine time for adventures and our favorite mountains, deserts, and seashores. And a good book to travel with us. The Rewilding summer reading program for our young rewilding friends (and any others readers as well!) includes Catrunners, a young-adult novel by John Davis. The Prologue follows, and Chapter One will also be featured […]

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