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Introducing Puma Rewilding Profile: KLANDAGI

by Helen McGinnis Klandagi is the Cherokee word for the puma: literally “Lord of the Forest.”The Cherokee Indians’ homeland included parts of North Carolina, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Georgia. By 1930, native pumas (AKA mountain lions, cougars, Florida panthers and 200+ indigenous names) had been eliminated from the region, as had most of the Cherokees. […]

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Conservation groups join lawsuits to defend bears, wolves in Alaska

Breaking News from Wilderness Watch Yesterday, Wilderness Watch, together with Defenders of Wildlife, National Parks Conservation Association and 12 other conservation groups, filed a request in federal court to defend regulations protecting wildlife in national preserves and wildlife refuges in Alaska. Trustees for Alaska filed the intervention on behalf of the conservation coalition. The motion was […]

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The Pleistocene Wildife Art of Sergio de la Rosa

The Rewilding Institute header graphic was created by an extremely talented artist, Sergio de la Rosa.  I wanted to show off some of his work today.  The hard part is that the landscape graphics he creates are so finely detailed they end up being very large. I found myself going through the landscapes he creates, […]

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