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Family Portraits

An introduction to photographs from an anonymous friend of wildlife… With patience and kindness, people can coexist with wildlife. With exceptional generosity and understanding, people can even befriend wildlife, as famously exemplified by Saint Francis of Asissi, Jane Goodall, and Roger Payne. A more anonymous exemplar has been living for the past two decades quietly […]

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Rewilding Distilled

By John Davis Rewilding, in essence, is giving the land back to wildlife and wildlife back to the land.  It is restoring natural processes and species, then stepping back so the land can express its own will.  Rewilding often focuses on the apex predators – like wolves, great cats, crocodiles, sharks, and salmon — and […]

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The Good News

By Gary Lawless Roads disappear, and the caribou wander through. The beaver just gets tired of it, reaches up, through the ice, grabs the trapper’s feet and pulls him down. Wolves come back on their own, circle the State House, howl at the Governor, and piss on the ATVs. Trees grow everywhere. The machines stop, […]

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