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Celebrate Earth Day the Rewilding Way

Because you know it’s about more than a day, Rewilders can celebrate a year’s worth of Earth Days with the new Best of 2018 Rewilding Earth Anthology.

Today is the day that we hear talk of recycling, reducing consumption, going vegan, going “green,” flying and driving less, and planting bee and butterfly-friendly plants in our gardens.

All worthy actions.

What is lost in the headline-driven chatter today is a deeper understanding of the philosophy and science behind the push for a much larger, biodiverse network of protected wildlands and waters.

In the last year, Rewilding Earth has greatly ramped up our output from thought leaders who tackle the issues with deeper, more thoughtful writing than what typically gets bandied about on this day in headlines and tweets.

Our aim is to deepen the discussion around large-scale conservation efforts to restore and rewild our planet.

Introducing “Rewilding Earth Unplugged: Best of Rewilding Earth 2018”

An anthology of thirty key articles and associated graphics, addressing fundamental goals of rewilding, including restoring top carnivores, protecting landscape-scale wildways, addressing the human overpopulation crisis, and encouraging coexistence with wildlife species, particularly the big toothy ones.  It will connect readers with many of the leading wilderness and wildlife groups across North America and beyond.

An here’s where you come in. We want you to enjoy a copy, of course. And we need to get it into the hands of as many others as possible.

Click here to hear a message about Rewilding Earth Unplugged from our Director, John Davis, about how you can grab your copy while helping to put it in front of many other readers who have yet to gain that deeper understanding.

And thank you for always being here for Rewilding!

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