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Episode 65: How To Have A More Constructive Conversation About Human Population Issues

“Women – educated, empowered, integrated in to the workforce, and with access to family planning technologies – hold the key to our ecological salvation.” -Chris Tucker


Dr. Christopher Tucker is chairman of the American Geographical Society, and serves on the boards of the United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation and the Open Geospatial Consortium. He is the author of “A Planet of 3 Billion: Mapping Humanity’s Long History of Ecological Destruction and Finding Our Way to a Resilient Future”

Today we explore a more productive way to talk about how to ethically and responsibly lower global human population. Without dealing with bringing human population into balance with what Earth is capable of supporting, we can’t fully accomplish the rewilding work it will take to restore and protect all life on this planet.

  • How to talk about human population issues productively.
  • What does “overpopulation” really mean?
  • Calculating a “total fertility rate” (TFR) target for 2030
  • What does “half-earth” really mean on the ground?
  • How are rewilding and human population inextricably linked?
  • How empowering women and girls is the key to lowering human population.
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Livia Varju
3 years ago

Very good ideas. The trouble about daring to say that a Planet of 3 billion peope woud be ideal is that there are people who will say immegiately, “You see, they want to kill us off, that’s why there is the Covid pandemic, etc. etc.
There are the Georgia Guidestones (I think that’s the name) with a very low number of humans on Earth written on them as the ideal.
Livia Varju

Zach Finn
3 years ago

Feeling hopeful again, Jack. Thank you both!
It looks like the code on how to talk about overpopulation has finally been cracked.

Steve White
3 years ago

Great podcast, thank you! Just ordered Dr. Tucker’s book to learn more.

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