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Don’t leave wolf hunting up to experts


(Source: Steve Felberg via Pixabay)

Check out an op-ed published this week in the Grand Junction Sentinel in Colorado detailing why wolf hunting is not a question for science but for ethics, by acknowledging who wolves are and by questioning our self-assumed right to decide over their lives. Written by The Rewilding Institute and Project Coyote staff members Francisco Santiago-Avila and Renee Seacor, and Project Coyote’s Michelle Lute.

“So much misinformation around the ethics and science of wolf hunting exists that some confused folks seem to believe it is a legitimate “management” tool. However, current research on the topic points to this type of widespread killing as both unethical and exceedingly harmful to wolves, domestic animals and their human guardians.” (“Don’t leave wolf hunting up to experts,” Oct 9, 2022)

Read the full op-ed here.

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