Earth First! Calendar 1985/2013

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1985 Earth First Calendar

Hey, it’s 2013! But in the world of calendars a 1985 calendar works for 2013. And the good news is that Dave Foreman just found a whole box of the legendary 1985 Earth First! Calendars!

The Rewilding Institute is offering copies of this collector’s treasure for only $20 postpaid.  Orders will be shipped as soon as they are received.

The 1985 Earth First! Calendar features cartoons by EF! Artists such as John Zaelit, Jim Stiles, Brushwolf, and others.  Icons by Karen Boeger.  And for every day—conservation victories and landmarks, Luddite history, wild natural disasters, and other eerie and weird historical happenings, along with the best conservation, misanthropic, and freedom quotes throughout the ages. Compiled by Dave Foreman.


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