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Episode 10: Bob Leverett On Vital Importance Of Old Growth, Carbon Sequestration, and Forest Recovery


Bob Leverett is the co-founder of the Native Tree Society, co-founder and President of Friends of Mohawk Trail State Forest, chairperson for the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation Forest Reserves Scientific Advisory Committee, the co-author of the American Forests Champion Tree-Measuring Guidelines handbook.

He is also co-author of several books including the Sierra Club Guide to Ancient Forests of the Northeast. Educated as an engineer, Bob is a recognized expert in the science of measuring trees for both science and sport. His association with old-growth forest discoveries and confirmations dates to the middle 1980s.

This compelling interest placed him in the center of the early old growth preservation movements, which continue to this day.


  • Tree hunting
  • Carbon sequestration
  • Old-Growth vs. young forests’ ability to hold carbon
  • Edge-effects of Rewilding areas adjacent to old-growth
  • The Bill and Bob Old-Growth Road Show
Extra Credit

The Old Man and the Tree – Smithsonian Science, 2022

“Ecologists thought America’s primeval forests were gone. Then Bob Leverett proved them wrong and discovered a powerful new tool against climate change…” Read more

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