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Episode 101: A Philosophical Chat About Original Rewilding And It’s Different Uses Around the World with Kate McFarland

Kate McFarland, TRI Board Member

About Kate

Kate McFarland holds a BS in Mathematics, MS in Statistics and PhD in Philosophy (with a focus on pragmatics and philosophy of language) from Ohio State University, which she completed just for fun before leaving academia to spend a few years as a freelance writer. She now works as the Center Associate for the Ohio State University Center for Ethics and Human Values.

When European borders reopened in the summer of 2021, Kate left her flat in Columbus to live nomadically in pursuit of a long-standing dream of car-free, active-transportation-based rural living (which in today’s overdeveloped world means she spends most of her time self-exiled on small islands). Her experiences in Europe would become very influential in the development of her thinking about conservation ethics and rewilding discourse.

  • North American and European versions of rewilding
  • The problem with human-centered rhetoric in modern conservation

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