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Episode 106: On Humanity’s Evolution To An Ecocentric View of Nature’s Value

Carter Dillard, Policy Director and Board of Directors, Fair Start Movement


Carter, author of Justice as a Fair Start in Life, began his career as an Honors Program appointee to the U.S. Department of Justice. He later served as a legal adviser to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, in the national security law division. He wrote his thesis reformulating the right to have children under Jeremy Waldron, his extensive academic work on family planning has been published by Yale, Duke, and Northwestern Universities, as well as in peer-reviewed pieces, and he has served on the Steering Committee of the Population Ethics and Policy Research Project and was a Visiting Scholar at the Uehiro Center, both at the University of Oxford. He has taught at several law schools in the U.S., served as a peer reviewer for the journal Bioethics, and most recently managed an animal protection strategic impact litigation program, with annual resources in excess of five million dollars.

“The storyteller of an environmentalism that has to do with liberating humans, an environmentalism based on freedom, I honestly believe that voice will come from the global south. It will not come from Eurocentric cultures, quite frankly, that have had hegemony over the process to date and have failed.” -Carter Dillard

  • Anthropocentric vs. ecocentric approach toward conservation and rights of nature
  • Moving toward a “town hall” version of governance vs. current system of “shopping mall” growth at any cost
  • Moving humanity closer to a view of nature for its own sake

Download the transcript from today’s episode (PDF)

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