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Episode 117: Learning About The Vital Importance Of The Springs of the Southwest with Christina Selby


Christina Selby is a conservation photographer, filmmaker, and science writer, who uses multimedia storytelling as a powerful tool to share the beauty of the planet and motivate others to act on behalf of nature. She uses use aerial, macro, landscape, underwater, remote camera, photojournalism, and any other technique required to tell engaging stories that speak to our shared need for beauty and connection to nature. Her storytelling focuses on remembering who we are, what we can be, and our place in the world as caretakers.

She’s the author of Best Wildflower Hikes of New Mexico (FalconGuides, March 2020), New Mexico Family Outdoor Adventures (UNM Press, September 2021), and producer and co-director of the feature documentary Saving Beauty: Learning to Live with the Rare Ones Among Us. In 2022, Christina became an Emerging League Member of the International League of Conservation Photographers. Christina’s full bio can be found here.

  • The challenges of photographing and telling a visual story of springs
  • The wild, far-out places Christina has travelled to capture the story of endangered springs
  • The importance of translating the science through art to help laypeople understand the issues and encourage their involvement in the solutions
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