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Episode 118: Keith Bowers Shows How Giving Nature A Seat At The Table Is Just Good Business


In the early 1980s, an outdoorsy, nature-loving undergrad named Keith Bowers had an epiphany. Keith had been studying landscape architecture at the University of Virginia when he met Ed Garbisch, a pioneering practitioner of marsh restoration along the Chesapeake Bay.

“Wait a minute,” thought Keith. “I can apply my education to restoring the places I love?”

After graduating in 1982, Keith started Biohabitats, an ecological restoration company. 36 years later, with a mission to “restore the earth and inspire ecological stewardship,”

Biohabitats has become one of the most recognized names in ecological restoration and conservation.

  • What is a BCorp?
  • What is a Perpetual Purpose Trust?
  • How does making nature the only shareholder in a company benefit conservation efforts?
  • What it’s like to work in such a company.
  • What’s ahead for forward-thinking companies who choose this model and how will it help rewild the planet?
Extra Credit:
  • Subscribe to Leaf Litter at Biohabitats
  • Purpose Owned | Natalie White: “Specializing in a new legal form of ownership called the Perpetual Purpose Trusts. We help create plans that allow founders to protect their values while they step aside and new leaders to step in, deepen impact thought codifying purpose commitments, design ways to share governance and rewards with stakeholders, and bring in aligned financing to create regenerative business models.
  • Purpose Foundation: “Purpose Foundation helps businesses and communities build equitable ownership, governance, and financing models.”
  • Profit Reimagined: “We are on a journey to build a world where every women founder has the financial literacy to grow their own business.”

Transcript: Download the transcript of Episode 118

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