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Episode 119: The Art Of Rewilding With Lauren Strohacker

lauren strohacker

Lauren Strohacker, Artist


Lauren Strohacker is an eco-political artist whose work emphasizes the non-human in an increasingly human-centric world. She received a BFA (2006) from The Ohio State University and an MFA (2011) from Arizona State University.

Strohacker’s co-creative and site-responsive practice routinely collaborates with both local and national wildlife conservation organizations to conceptualize animals who have been displaced by the colonial built environment, controlled by the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation, and erased by the anthropocentrism of capitalism. Conceptually, Strohacker’s focus on wildlife and public space reflects larger contexts of ecology, politics, and radical interspecies municipality.

  • Art in unexpected places
  • Reinvigorating human connection to nature, the wild things
  • The border wall Jaguar project and other work
  • The power of art to move people, pattern interruptions
  • Art as a campfire

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4 months ago

That’s so evocative and powerful. Love it!

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