Episode 23: Terry Spahr Executive Producer of 8 Billion Angels

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Terry Spahr, Executive Producer, “8 Billion Angels”

About Terry Spahr

Environmentalist and activist Terry Spahr left the corporate world to research, write and produce 8 Billion Angels, a documentary feature which exposes overpopulation as the upstream cause of all our environmental emergencies. Terry is the Founder and Executive Director of Earth Overshoot, a non-profit designed to promote public and private action to make ecological limits central to all decision-making. A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania College of Arts & Sciences and Fels Center of Government, Terry lectures on issues of sustainability to students, investor groups, and civic organizations. He is a regular opinion writer for a variety of environmental publications.

8 Billion Angels Trailer from terry spahr on Vimeo.


  • Global population growth
  • How you would live if everyone lived within their ecological means
  • 8 Billion Angels documentary

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Richard Grossman - May 4, 2019

Terry is correct, globally we are on a disastrous course. I agree with him that reducing the population growth rate is the best way of approaching this problem.

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