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Episode 32: Andrew Thoms and Tongass National Forest

Andrew Thoms

Andrew Thoms, Executive Director, Sitka Conservation Alliance

About Andrew Thoms

Andrew grew up in rural Upstate New York. After studying Environmental Sciences, he worked for 10 years in Latin America as an environmental specialist in international development projects. Most of his projects focused on the interface between the sustainable use of natural resources and the conservation of tropical biodiversity.

One of his favorite jobs was developing and integrating new techniques for cultivating coffee in an environmentally sustainable way on a Guatemalan Coffee farm that he managed. This explains a lot about his approach to working with the forest service, locals, and tribes in and around the Tongass. Today I spoke with Andrew about the threats and challenges facing Tongass National Forest and how his organization, Sitka Conservation Society, is helping.


  • Just how BIG is the Tongass National Forest?
  • It’s not all about trees. This national forest has a lot going on.
  • Salmon: big business, big restoration, in need of protection.
  • Indigenous people fighting on the front lines, and what they’re up against.
  • What you can do to support the Tongass (A lot, actually!)

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