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Episode 34: Kenyon Fields – Western Landowners Alliance

Kenyon-Fields Western Landowners Alliance

Kenyon Fields, Western Landowners Alliance

About Kenyon Fields

Kenyon Fields is one of the main founders of the Western Landowners Alliance. His background is in conservation biology and landscape scale conservation planning. It is this background that led him to convene the first meetings of what later became the WLA, as he and fellow conservation biologists realized the critical role that landowners can play in keeping the West whole.

Western Landowners Alliance brings together science, policy, human needs, to produce a shared vision of private landowners working collectively to conserve the rich natural values of the West while sustaining their businesses and communities.

Kenyon worked for many years in Alaska for the U.S. Forest Service, an Alaska Native organization, and as executive director of Sitka Conservation Society.

Kenyon helps his wife Mary manage Mountain Island ranch in Utah and Colorado.

We start today talking about Mountain Island Ranch, set in a picture-perfect landscape, with much needed visuals!


  • The role private lands play in providing crucial habitat for threatened and endangered species
  • Conservation easements: What are they and how do they work?
  • Conservation ranching
  • Doing right by the land (and ourselves) regardless of what the future brings.

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