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Episode 37: Kirk Robinson on State Wildlife Governance and the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation

About Kirk

Kirk Robinson is the founder and executive director of the Western Wildlife Conservancy. He lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Prior to founding Western Wildlife Conservancy, Kirk earned a Ph.D. in philosophy and taught courses at universities in Montana and Utah for 15 years. His favorite activities are exploring the wildlands of the American West and trying to learn to play fiddle tunes on acoustic guitar.

Kirk is also a member of the Rewilding Leadership Council.


  • Who really pays the most for conservation programs on state lands? (Hint: not hunters and anglers!)
  • Resourcism vs. ecosystem resilience
  • Feedlots, Elk, disease, and the answer to healthy herds
  • The extreme bias of wildlife boards toward hunting, lack of diversity

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Janine Dallow
4 years ago

Hi. Do you support rewilding wild horses in North American wilderness areas where their natural predators exist?

If yes, do you have a contact who I might talk to?

Thank you.

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