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Episode 41: Chance Cutrano On Correcting The Mismanagement of Point Reyes National Seashore

Chance Cutrano

Chance Cutrano, MPA, Director of Programs, Resource Renewal Institute

About Chance

Chance Cutrano directs Fish in the Fields and Restore Point Reyes, and oversees the development of The Forces of Nature and sponsored programs at Resource Renewal Institute. An award-winning environmentalist, Chance brings a variety of skills from public, private, and nonprofit sustainability experiences.

Prior to RRI, Chance was researching food, water, and energy management policy in Vietnam, Morocco, and Bolivia. Chance holds a Bachelors in political science and philosophy from Saint Xavier University and a Masters of Public Administration in Sustainable Management from Presidio Graduate School.


  • The gross mismanagement of a National Park
  • Grazing, oyster farming, dairies and more, all within the National Seashore boundaries
  • Water pollution and nutrient cycling issues
  • Cows vs. Thule Elk
  • What can be done to end grazing and other travesties currently happening at Point Reyes

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