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Episode 50: Howie Wolke’s Uncompromising Brand of Wilderness Advocacy


Howie Wolke, Wilderness Watch

About Howie Wolke

Howie Wolke is a nationally-known advocate for protecting wilderness and was a co-founder of the original Earth First! He is the author of Wilderness On the Rocks and co-authored The Big Outside, a historic inventory of America’s remaining wilderness lands, with our own Dave Foreman. He has served as the President of the national conservation group Wilderness Watch. Howie has led well over five-hundred multi-day treks since the mid 1970s.

The founder of Big Wild Adventures, Howie is probably the most experienced backpacking guide in the Western U.S. He has a particular affinity for wolves and grizzly bears, is an avid hunter, back-country skier, river-runner and bird-watcher, and has a B.S. in Conservation and Wildlife Ecology.


  • Wilderness as outdoor gymnasiums
  • How to reach 50% of the U.S. protected as wildlands
  • Wilderness designation in national parks
  • Did you know there were different versions of the Wilderness Act?
  • The magic word Howard Zahniser included in the Wilderness Act that made all the difference
  • WINO (Wilderness in name only)
  • Cracking a dam

Extra Credit

Visit: Wilderness Watch | Big Wild Adventures

Read: Wilderness On the Rocks & The Big Outside (Scroll to see description and purchase link)

rewilding earth podcast 50th episode

This is Rewilding Earth Podcast’s 50th Episode!

I’d like to thank the Rewilding Earth board for agreeing to the (then) odd idea that we produce and host our own podcast. Since Episode 1 with Dave Foreman, I’ve had the honor of interviewing a range of guests from organizations around the world. Some in the beginning of their careers and others seasoned icons of the conservation movement.

Interviewing your heros can be intimidating and thrilling. And the work of helping to educate and inspire a new generation of conservation heroes is a responsibility I do not take lightly.

Archiving the energy, wisdom, and passionate voices of conservation authors, scientists, founders, and artists is my passion. I can’t wait to see what the next 50 episodes of Rewilding Earth contributes to the fight to protect the remaining biodiversity of this fragile planet. -Jack Humphrey, Host of the Rewilding Earth Podcast

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