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Episode 53: Crista Valentino on the New Generation of Conservation Leaders

Crista Valentino

Crista Valentino, Co-Founder, Director, CoalitionWILD

Host’s Note: Today’s talk with Crista Valentino about next-gen conservation reinforces my sincere belief that our planet is in good hands.

Better leave her behind with the kids, they’re alright
The kids are alright” ~ The Who

About Crista

Crista co-founded CoalitionWILD in 2013 after an invitation from the WILD Foundation to address the lack of support and visibility available to younger generations in the environmental sector. She continues to lobby for a stronger integration of youth voices and empowerment in organizational and business decision making, and has achieved this through recently co-publishing an intergenerational leadership toolkit for conservation and leading multiple projects that accelerate and further initiatives around the world being led by young people for nature.

Crista is the North American Focal Point for the World Commission on Protected Areas Young Professionals, was named Wyoming’s Top 40 under 40, and is on the Executive Committee for the 11th World Wilderness Congress.

  • Engaging younger generations in conservation work starts with allowing them to follow their passion
  • Seeding the world with young leaders who are making a difference
  • Conservation for regular people from all backgrounds
  • Similarities and differences between old guard Wilderness advocates and younger generation’s strategy for protecting biodiversity
Extra Credit

Visit: CoalitionWILD

Reading: “How Our Emotions Could Help Save The World

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3 years ago

Good to hear the sound of hope

3 years ago

Jack, you got it – generational thinking (for the future 7 generations – and more)!

3 years ago

‘can’t teach someone to care’ – real, deep experiences of nature, of people can wake up this direct line to the heart because it is built into us to care, to care for kids, for community, to have strong compassion and to live simply with gratitude for the place we call home. You’re doing good work, it’s really important to help wake this up and show (by example) where and how people can help – we have a lot of big plans, and we need everyone to take part. I really love this CoalitionWILD mission – but I’m not 35 anymore! Thanks Crista.

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