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Episode 55: Kurt Menke On The Importance of GIS Mapping To Successful Rewilding Projects

Kurt Menke, Bird’s Eye View GIS, Rewilding Leadership Council Member

About Kurt

A former archaeologist, Kurt Menke is a geospatial generalist based in Albuquerque. He founded Bird’s Eye View to apply his expertise with GIS technology towards solving the world’s mounting ecological, economic and social issues. His areas of focus are public health, conservation and education. Kurt has a broad skill set. He is a spatial analyst, cartographer, web map developer, trainer/teacher and author.

He is also one of the newest members of the Rewilding Leadership Council. Kurt has been involved in myriad conservation mapping projects, including one we talk about today, the very successful Tijeras Canyon wildlife passage. We start with a bit of background before we really geek out on the vital importance of mapping to rewilding projects around the world.

  • Why mapping is crucial to the vision and success of any rewilding project
  • How good maps are worth many thousands of words when it comes to depicting on-the-ground elements important to reconnecting and protecting habitat and species
  • The successful Tijeras Canyon wildlife passage project
  • Kurt’s favorite “back of a napkin” map by Dave Foreman
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