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Episode 58: Tyus Williams On The Role That Diversity, Justice, and Equality Play In Winning The Tough Conservation Battles Ahead


Tyus Williams, Wildlife Ecologist, University of Nevada Reno


Tyus Williams is a Wildlife Ecologist currently working with The University of Nevada Reno as a field ecologist. He went to school at the University of Georgia where he studied fisheries and wildlife science. After performing his undergraduate thesis on jaguars in Belize he is now pursuing graduate school in the interest of carnivore ecology and spatial analysis.

  • Why fixing the equality and social justice problem is key to winning big conservation battles.
  • The need for better science funding.
  • The facts of incremental change vs. running out the clock. Will we make it in time?
  • Dealing with the onslaught of racial anxiety and social unrest as a black wildlife ecologist.
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