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Episode 67: The Case For Removing 4 Dams On The Lower Snake River

For decades, eight lower Snake and Columbia river dams and reservoirs have hampered, harmed, killed, and rendered threatened and endangered four anadromous fish species. The lack of Snake River chinook salmon, a primary food source for the Salish Seas’ southern resident orcas, has concurrently brought these orcas to the brink of extinction.” ~Great Old Broads Don’t Dam Salmon page

Today’s Guests
Micky Ryan

Micky Ryan

Mickey is a co-chair of the board of the national conservation group Great Old Broads for Wilderness. Co-founder of the CV chapter (or “broadband” as we call them) of Great Old Broads, covers the region of NW Oregon and SW Washington. Mickey is a lawyer and in her career she focused on social justice work, representing people without housing and low income tenants in their housing and related legal needs.

amy stuart

Amy Stuart

Amy worked for the past 40 years as a fish and wildlife biologist and spent 3 of those 4 decades with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. Most of her work was as a fish biologist in central and eastern Oregon with experiences including fish habitat and population management and restoration, hydropower project relicensing and dam removals, and most recently as the Deschutes Basin manager.

Julie Weikel

Julie Weikel

“I have been involved with opposition to the Four Lower Snake River Dams since the late 1960s. They were not a good idea even before their installation!” -Julie Weikel

Forty five years as a large animal veterinarian, including academia, private practice, and regulatory medicine, gave Julie a big window on the American West. All those observations led inevitably to a realization that much of our natural world is in jeopardy and needs a more thoughtful and longer view.



Columbia River basin figure 1

columbia river comparative survival studies for snake river salmon and steelhead

Extra Credit

Learn More About The Salmon Wars: The $34 Billion Dollar Plan To Breach The Lower Snake River Dams

What if ? | Simpson on Salmon Recovery”

Here is a short list of actions that you can take based on the Dammed to Extinction movie:

  • Letters to governors, congress and legislators
  • Letters to editors (LTEs) for local and regional newspapers.
  • Tell 5 people (and your family) what you have learned about salmon restoration. (Send them a link to this podcast page!)
  • Donate to non-profit groups that take action to restore rivers and promote dam breaching of the LSRD.
  • Join and participate in non-profit groups that advocate for dam removal of the LSRD.
  • Participate in activities by non profits such as the flotilla to restore salmon.
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