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Episode 72: Rewilding Tasmania’s Lake Pedder with Christine Milne

christine milne

Christine Milne, Author, Activist, Co-Convenor of the Lake Pedder Restoration Committee


Former Vice President of IUCN, former leader of the Australian Green Party and current Global Greens Ambassador, Christine Milne took up the role of Co-Convenor of the Lake Pedder Restoration Committee in the lead up the United Nations Decade of Ecological Restoration (2021-2030) to campaign for an agreement (by the summer of 2021-22) to restore Lake Pedder and surrounding environs.

Lake Pedder

Lake Pedder, c. 1970

  • The history of Lake Pedder
  • The future of Lake Pedder
  • Tasmania’s conservation leadership: a history of success and long fights for the rights of nature
  • How you can help restore Lake Pedder and bring attention to this globally significant Rewilding project
Extra Credit

Visit: Restore Lake Pedder

Read:An Activist Life” by Christine Milne

Watch: 1971 – A Last Look At Lake Pedder Before Flooding


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