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Episode 8: Jamie Phillips – Eddie Foundation, Wildlands Philanthropy, and Green Cemeteries

Learn how to protect wildlands and wildways, and, just in time for Halloween, how to “die green!”A conversation with Jamie Phillips, founder and Executive Director of the Eddy Foundation. With on-the-ground reporter: John Davis

Jamie Phillips, Executive Director Eddy Foundation


  • Wildlands Philanthropy
  • Splitrock Wildway
  • Eddy Foundation projects
  • Corridors, Underpasses and Wildways
  • Bringing youth into the conservation movement
  • Green cemeteries that people are dying to get into!

About Eddy Foundation

By supporting the interconnectedness of humans with each other and the ecosystem, the Eddy Foundation encourages truly sustainable natural and human communities. It works with individuals and organizations to help ensure that future generations can enjoy healthy landscapes with a full range of biodiversity. The Foundation supports projects that benefit old-growth forests, non-polluted watersheds, the arts, education and wild nature. ​Contributions to the Eddy are tax deductible.

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