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Episode 82: The Science Of Reintroducing Important Species To An Indiana Tallgrass Prairie with Zach Finn

zach finn

Zach Finn, Wildlife Science, Purdue University

About Zach

Zach is a Wildlife Science MS student at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. After reading a book as a teenager featuring species profiles and illustrations of recent, human-caused extinctions (including Stellar’s sea cow, moa, great auk, and more), he developed a passion to restore nature and prevent any further species loss.

Since then, Zach has become involved in various land trusts in his home state of Indiana by volunteering to remove invasive species, help out with prescribed burns, and collect prairie seeds for future prairie restorations.

Additionally, he de-trashes rivers in his canoe or on foot at various local trails. He also incorporated his passion for ecological restoration in his graduate studies by assessing habitat suitability for potential species reintroductions.

  • The science behind rewilding a landscape: restoring critical species.
  • The reintroduction potential of lesser-known but critical species to an Indiana tallgrass prairie.
  • Data collection and presentation, maps, and making the case for species reintroduction.
  • Greater Prairie Chicken and Franklin’s Ground Squirrel.
  • How to get started in Wildlife Sciences.
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