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Episode 83: Rewilding The Mississippi River Watershed with Kelly Borgmann

Kelly Borgmann

Kelly Borgmann, Big River Connectivity Coexistence Coordinator


Kelly Borgmann grew up on a historic farm in rural east-central Indiana. Spending her days playing in the woods and taking care of the land gave her a deep appreciation of nature, while participating in 4-H and FFA taught her how to be a productive member of rural and agricultural communities.

Following her passion for wild nature, Kelly earned an undergraduate degree in Wildlife Biology from Ball State University. She then spent the next several years travelling and has spent time working as a field guide in South Africa, a human-manatee interactions researcher for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in Florida, a National Park Service cowgirl in Montana, and a conservation educator in Ohio. And now she is part of the Rewilding Institute and Project Coyote team working on our new rewilding and carnivore coexistence program in the Mississippi River Watershed.

  • Rewilding challenges in states like Iowa
  • How farmers view carnivore coexistence
  • A 9 million acre rewilding opportunity without disturbing prime farmland operations
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BRC project on Project Coyote’s site

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