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Episode 87: Lessons From Alaska – Winning The Conservation Battles Ahead While Keeping Your Fire Alive With Brad Meiklejohn

Eklutna Dam Removal

Eklutna Dam Removal c/o Brad Meiklejohn


Brad Meiklejohn is a member of the Rewilding Institute Leadership Council, and he is currently Senior Alaska Representative for The Conservation Fund, where he has worked since 1994. Brad has directed hundreds of conservation projects protecting over 500,000
acres of wild land in Alaska, and he recently completed a major dam removal project on Alaska’s Eklutna River. Brad was successful in removing cows from 200,000 acres in Nevada’s Great Basin National Park and he is working on constructing wildlife highway crossings in New Hampshire. Brad served as President of the Patagonia Land Trust, as President of the American Packrafting Association, as Associate Director of the Utah Avalanche Center, and as a board director of The Murie Center. Brad is a birder and wilderness explorer, and he recently published The Wild Trails, a book that is part memoir, part conservation polemic, and part Buddhist training manual.

Rewilding Earth Podcast listeners keen to have their own copy of Brad’s book can email him at br************@ao*.com.

Or you can get the book straight from us: Until our supply runs out, TRI will send donors of $100 or more a signed copy of The Wild Trails as a thank you for your generous donation.

  • Ecological amnesia and how it hinders conservation efforts
  • Reverse wildlands network design
  • Deadbeat dams
  • Touching the third rail of conservation: Overpopulation
  • Reciprocity, restrain, respect
  • An incredibly important set of tips from Brad on taking care of yourself.
Extra Credit

Visit The Conservation Fund to learn more about Brad’s work there.

Read Brad’s latest articles, including excerpts from his wonderful new book “The Wild Trails.”

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