Episode 9: Joan Maloof, Executive Director of Old-Growth Forest Network

Joan Maloof, Executive Director, Old-Growth Forest Network

Joan Maloof, Executive Director, Old-Growth Forest Network

Joan Maloof, Professor Emeritus at Salisbury University, founded the Old-Growth Forest Network to preserve, protect and promote the country’s few remaining stands of old-growth forest. She spends her time lecturing, writing, visiting forests, assisting private landowners, and supporting local groups trying to protect community forests from development.

She is the author of Teaching the Trees, Among the Ancients, Nature’s Temples, and most recently The Living Forest.

Today I talk to Joan about the Old Growth Forest Network, her definition and infectious love of old growth forests, and how our listeners can get involved, on the ground, identifying and protecting old growth forests where you live.


  • What is old-growth forest?
  • How much old-growth forest is left in the Eastern United States?
  • How to locate and assess old-growth forest for possible inclusion in the Old-Growth Forest Network.
  • What do people even know about ancient, original forests these days?
  • Why education and accessibility (even to small patches of old-growth) matters to the future of forest protection and wildlands connectivity and recovery.
  • Instruction on how to get involved where you live!
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