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Episode 92: Wrestling Wildlife Governance Reform From The Tight Grip Of The Hunting, Fishing, and Gun Industries

Kevin Bixby, Executive Director, Wildlife For All

About Kevin

Kevin is founder and executive director of the Southwest Environmental Center. He received a BS in Biology from Dartmouth College, and a MS in Natural Resources Policy at the University of Michigan. After decades of advocating for wildlife, he realized that as long as the people who viewed wild animals as soulless resources were making all the decisions about how they should be managed, wildlife advocates would be fighting endless rearguard actions to stop bad things from happening, and rewilding would remain a distant dream. So he and the SWEC team decided to launch Wildlife for All, a national campaign to reform state wildlife management to be more ecologically-driven, democratic and compassionate. The first Wildlife for All conference was held in 2018.

He lives in the Chihuahuan Desert of southern New Mexico where he and his wife enjoy the sunsets and coyotes.

  • Wildlife governance reform
  • Pittman–Robertson Act
  • The Recovering America’s Wildlife Act (RAWA)
  • The overbearing influence of hunting, fishing, agriculture, the gun industry, and oil and gas on the fate of non-game species in every state
  • What to watch out for when RAWA passes
Extra Credit

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Johnny Rose
2 years ago

Very well said.
In the 90’s I was studying to become a Wildlife Biologist.
Sadly, I dropped out. I couldn’t handle the repeated attempts to pigeon-hole me into a mindset.
I use that term with intention.
It was during this time, that I realized, that I was a Preservationist, and Not a Conservationist.
As an extension of my faith, i would become active in Animal Rights. Turning into Vegetarian.
Later I became a Vegan.
I have not hunted in over 25 years.
But yet, my family and I are “trapped”, because we love the Wild lands, but with our dogs, we are not going to risk their safety, nor our own during Hunting and Trapping season.

Cassandra A. Rideg
1 year ago

I have listened to this podcast at least three times in it’s entirety. It gives the listeners a wealth of information, enjoyable and eye-opening at the same time … Thank ? you!!!

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