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Episode 95: Liz Hillard On Wildlife Connectivity In The Pigeon River Gorge – Interstate 40 corridor

Dr. Liz Hillard, Wildlands Project

Dr. Liz Hillard, Senior Wildlife Biologist for Wildlands Network


Dr. Liz Hillard is a Senior Wildlife Biologist for Wildlands Network and helped lead and manage the study design, implementation, analysis, and report writing for road ecology research focused on the important Pigeon River Gorge/Interstate 40 corridor near Great Smoky Mountains National Park in North Carolina and Tennessee. In addition, she works to build partnerships and engage the public in wildlife habitat connectivity and conservation efforts throughout the Southern and Central Appalachian region. Liz currently serves on the Board and as the Secretary for the North Carolina Chapter of The Wildlife Society. 

Liz lives in Asheville, North Carolina with her dog Peachy-Keen. She is an avid lover of the arts, especially music and enjoys backcountry camping and trail walking in the Appalachian Mountains. 


  • Wildlife crossing issues and wildlife mortality along the busy Pigeon River Gorge I-40 corridor
  • Interesting studies and findings of a long-time wildlife technician
  • Aquatic connectivity is often overlooked, important piece of the puzzle
  • How you can get involved and help in the Pigeon River Gorge or in your own neck of the woods



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