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First Global Meeting on Conservation Translocations

First Global Meeting on Conservation Translocations

Between May 23rd and 25th a large group of translocation practitioners met in the city of Valencia, Spain, to share experiences and practice-based learnings. The meeting was structured around large presentations/interviews with experienced practitioners from each continent. There were long sessions about conservation translocations in North America, Argentina, Europe, Africa, Oceanic Islands, India, and Australia. (Conservation translocations are the deliberate movement and release of plants, animals, or fungi into the wild for conservation purposes.)

I am pleased to share with you the link to the page that includes all the sessions that took place at this First Global Meeting on Conservation Translocations.

After seeing and editing them, I have confirmed the quality of what was said in those two days in Valencia, distilling what is sure to be more than 200 years of practical experience in translocations by the speakers.

I think there is an entire audio/video book there to enjoy with calm and attention! Good material for graduate courses on translocations/reintroductions/conservation biology, too.

Watch, learn, and enjoy the sessions here


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