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Greta and George: Climate, Biodiversity, and Restoration

This great video by Greta Thunberg and George Monbiot, made of recycled footage saving on flights and driving, illustrates the solution to the climate crisis perfectly.

“Protect. Restore. Fund.”

The Rewilding Institute’s part in all of this…

…focuses on protection and restoration. Restoring linkages between crucial islands of biodiversity. Restoring habitat that creates buffer zones around important wildlands to wrap them in a layer of protection.

To learn more about Rewilding and how it fits into the global plan to restore and protect vast wildlands, while at the same time mitigating, and possibly even one day reversing the effects of the climate crisis see the links below…

Learn More About Rewilding

  • Read “Rewilding Distilled” by our director, John Davis to learn more about Rewilding.
  • Listen to Dave Foreman, Reed Noss, and John Davis as they define what Rewilding means and how it is being used around the world to protect and restore.
  • Check out “Rewilding North America” by Dave Foreman for the blueprint for North America’s protection and restoration efforts. (And stay tuned for a fully updated new version of Rewilding North America, coming soon!)
  • And if that’s not enough, go deeper on our “What Is Rewilding?” page!

About that last part in the video: Fund

Greta and George laid it out perfectly. Protect. Restore. Fund. Giving to groups like ours, which are growing into heavy influencers of Rewilding awareness, action, and policy, really makes a big difference. Support Rewilding with a donation and you’ll contribute directly toward a wilder, safer world for all species.

Please Share!

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