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Health to all

Rewilding Earth

Early spring 2020

To our Rewilding Colleagues and Friends

The Rewilding Earth team wishes good health to all our readers and supporters, and to our neighbors – wild and human — as the world confronts a health crisis like we have not seen for a century. A pandemic was probably bound to happen before too long, with the biosphere facing human overpopulation, global trade, exploitation of wildlife, and inadequate health systems; but half expecting it makes it no easier to suffer.

Like most of you, all of us are homebound. The social distancing we are all practicing is an opportunity for solitary wanderings in nearby nature that provides solace and encouragement, a break in our hectic lives of striving that so often, even for us, separates us from the world we are seeking to protect and restore. We should all take advantage of the opportunity. By doing so, we can do our small part to stem the tide of the virus even as we renew ourselves for this current fight and challenges ahead as all of us strive to assure a future for Wild Nature that sustains us.

We at The Rewilding Institute have postponed our spring Board meeting and curtailed all direct contact, but our work continues. The issues that we address in good times are still there, and perhaps worse now. We are in the late stages of producing our annual print anthology, Rewilding Earth, Best of 2019, which we will publish this spring. We’ll let you know as soon as it’s ready. Meanwhile, our daily work on the website Rewilding Earth ( will continue and perhaps increase with more time to read, reflect, and write.

Even more than before this crisis, we will strive to make Rewilding Earth serve as a meeting place for conservationists concerned about wild places, wildlife, and their future. We invite your letters, comments, critiques, articles, art, and contributions, to help the wild world through  these troubled times.

Stay healthy and help your neighbors, wild and human.

With you for a wilder, healthier Earth
Rewilding Earth editorial team

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