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American Bison © Robin Silver

How to bring the bison home

Featured image:  Bison © Robin Silver

By Susie O’Keeffe


Listen to Susie reading “How to bring the bison home.”

How to Bring the Bison Home
Take a million tears
in each salty jewel slip
the dust of a red man
his starved children, his raped wife
string the glimmering spheres
along frozen prairie grasses

Pray for 120 years

Gather the 300 bison ancestors
Build a pen Cut the grass Offer the grass
Give the survivors
a cold Montana corner (for now)
Carve white men
into their sacred mountains
(no rock climbers permitted)
Give one hill for worship
(rock climbers come anytime)
Offer their great, great grandchildren
crystal meth suicide diabetes


Sing the bones
(60 million bison)
dance the slaughter
(700,000 wolves)
chant the loss
(12 million people)
Drum, drum, drum
on the cold gym floor
the fire water fight

Open the gates

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