Howie Wolke, Rewilding Leadership Council


Howie Wolke, Wilderness Watch

Howie Wolke is a nationally-known advocate for protecting wilderness and was a co-founder of the original Earth First! He is the author of Wilderness On the Rocks and co-authored The Big Outside, a historic inventory of America’s remaining wilderness lands, with our own Dave Foreman. He has served twice as the President of the national conservation group Wilderness Watch. Howie has led well over five-hundred multi-day treks since the mid 1970s.

The founder of Big Wild Adventures, Howie recently retired after 41 years of wilderness guiding from the Alaskan Arctic to the Mexican border. He lives in the foothills of the Gallatin Range just north of Yellowstone National Park in southern Montana. He has a particular affinity for wolves and grizzly bears, is an avid hunter, back-country skier, river-runner and bird-watcher, and has a B.S. in Conservation and Wildlife Ecology.

Rewilding Earth Podcast Episode 50: Howie Wolke’s Uncompromising Brand of Wilderness Advocacy

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