November 2, 2019 | By:

Integrity Stew

Two weeks ago, I offered two new posts on my blog, Integrity Stew. These were the inaugural interviews of a new video series featuring people with provocative insights about it, or the lack of it, in our culture.

Thanks to the feedback from many of you, I went to school on iMovie and revised these videos considerably. Future posts will bear the evidence of growing familiarity with that program.

For now though, and for those of you curious about the revised interviews, here they are:

Thanks for your patience and support as I develop this critical perspective on the breakdown of trust in our society.


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4 years ago

As a British person living for a few years in America in the early 1980s, finding the existence of National Public Radio, and listening to All Things Considered, as well as Morning Edition, was a relief to someone used to public broadcasting. I would say the same for PBS NewsHour and PBS documentaries. I happily paid up during pledge week, and gave memberships to my friends.

The irony is that the integrity of pubic broadcasting in Britain has dived, leaving me sometimes longing that we had something here like All Things Considered and Morning Edition. Perhaps my memories of these are clouded by optimism, but I have often thought that I would willingly pay to get some grown-up programming. As it is, funding for public broadcasting here is involuntary (albeit that radio broadcasts don’t reqire a licence) and with little scope for people in influencing its content.

I think John Davies has the right idea – pay up your pledge because public broadcasting is important, but let them know why you are doing it.

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