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Interview With Dave Parsons on Mexican Wolf Recovery

Dave Parsons Project Coyote Science Advisory Board Member

Dave Parsons
Project Coyote
Science Advisory Board Member

Camilla Fox interviews Dave Parsons, Rewilding Board Member and resident Carnivore Conservation Biologist, in Project Coyote’s “Notes From The Field.”

“Dave Parsons is a retired wildlife biologist who worked for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for 24 years, during which he oversaw the Mexican wolf recovery program.

I met Dave when he served as my graduate school advisor at Prescott College, and I am proud to say he now serves on Project Coyote’s Science Advisory Board.

While ostensibly retired, Dave continues his efforts to pressure the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to ensure full recovery of Mexican wolves to their historic range. We are so very grateful to have Dave in our pack and leading this effort.

I hope you enjoy this Notes from the Field interview with Dave that focuses on Mexican gray wolf recovery—a subject that is so close to his heart—and that you will consider taking advantage of the opportunities Dave suggests to assist in the return of these majestic animals to their native home in the Southwest.”

Read the interview at Project Coyote

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