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#71 Join the Deep Ecology Movement at this Collaboratory Conference Oct 21-23

What is Deep Ecology? A philosophical and scientific political/social movement concerned with bringing about a major paradigm shift to redirect the ecologically destructive path of modern industrial growth in today’s societies. The long-range Deep Ecology movement has been characterized philosophically by a move from anthropomorphism to ecocentrism, and by environmental activism.

Why should you join the Deep Ecology Movement? Humans must face the fact we cannot continue on our current course without precipitating a global environmental disaster. Rampant consumerism, endless population growth, ecosystem destruction for extraction of resources, and a short-sited view of a future in terms of decades instead of millennia must come to an end. A new era in which we re-think our values as a society to achieve true ecological sustainability must begin.

Why Deep Ecology and why now? The task ahead is no small matter. Global climate change, the extinction crisis, the collapse of biodiversity, and overpopulation are enormous problems. However, enormous problems don’t always require enormous solutions. Sometimes all that is required is the enlightenment of one mind. And then another. And then another. As the ripples spread out and the reach goes wide, a culture can change.

How can Deep Ecology be used to turn things around for the planet? This is the work that is required of us now – to convince people. To help them understand what they probably already know deep inside but don’t want to face: that business as usual cannot continue. Change is hard. We must meet people where they are and keep them moving forward.   We must use every means at our disposal – persuasion, education, politics, collaboration – to get as many people, businesses, and governments on board as quickly as possible.

How can I become part of the Deep Ecology Movement? Join Ecologistics at the Deep Ecology Collaboratory October 21-23 at Rancho El Chorro Retreat Center in San Luis Obispo, CA. Some of the greatest voices in the conservation and environmental movement will be on hand to address and help us plan solutions to the most intractable threats to biodiversity on Earth. Together and with our topic leaders, we will co-create the Deep Ecology Manifesto. Convene – Collaborate – Act! The planet needs your voice and your talent. More information at

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7 years ago

Thanks for the post! Here is a link to the Collaboratory page for convenience.

7 years ago

Love this idea!!! Hope I can see it come to more cities across the nation. We need events like this to bring like-minded people together to collaborate and grow their ideas! Great job, Ecologisitics!

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