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Rewilding Leadership Council Member Mary Ellen Hannibal

Mary Ellen Hannibal

Mary Ellen Hannibal is a science writer, journalist, and gifted storytellerRewilders will recognize her as the author of Spine of the Continent (2012) in which she described the project of linking protected areas from the Yukon to Mexico that stems largely from the visionary work of Dave Foreman and Michael Soule.

In Citizen Scientist, (New York: The Experiment, 2016), she succinctly defines citizen science as “the widening practice of non credentialed people taking part in scientific endeavors.”

Long a participant in citizen science projects in California where she lives, concerned about such threats as global climate change and extinction, she wondered if the volunteer efforts of amateurs like her would really make any difference in addressing such monumental threats.

Many conversations with scientists collaborating with “citizen scientists” convinced her that these dedicated amateurs, working with scientists, are cause for hope.

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